MetaMask Snaps

I am currently the senior product owner for this platform that enables applications to run inside of MetaMask.

Contract Explorer

Generate a form interface for any Ethereum contract with just the address and ABI.


A cute and eternal onchain art project.

DIY Wordle

Make your own wordle and challenge your friends.

Not a Wordle, Just Art

An emoji-based drawing app — you can even share your artwork on social media!

Spinny Bird

An addictive arcade-style game with multiple game modes and unlockable characters.

Product Person

An interactive tool for finding your passions in product design.

GIF Jockey

A GIF-powered VJ app built with the GIPHY API, formerly available on web, desktop, and mobile. Video demo on YouTube

No More Kings

An original puzzle game inspired by the rules of chess. Free download on

Draw Something

I was the lead game designer and producer for Draw Something, one of the fastest-growing mobile games of all time.

CSS Fundamentals

I was commissioned by Pearson / Prentice Hall to record and publish the first ever video guide to CSS. Learn more at Safari Books Online


I was the community lead and a core contributor for Blueprint, the first CSS framework.

Web3 Galaxy Brain, July 2023: "MetaMask Snaps with Christian Montoya"

Play podcast on Spotify (1 hr 23 min. long)

Mercuryo Big Time Summit, July 2023: "Enabling Innovative DeFi Solutions with MetaMask Snaps"

Watch on YouTube (19 min. long)

ETH Denver, March 2023: "It's Our Wallet, Let's Build it Together"

Watch on YouTube (20 min. long)

Consensys Connect Bogota, October 2022: "Building the Future with MetaMask Snaps"

Watch on YouTube (22 min. long)

ETH Rio, March 2022: "MetaMask Snaps"

Watch on YouTube (13 min. long)

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